EPDM rubber roofing in Derby

Looking for EPDM rubber roofing in Derby? This incredible roofing material ensures a seamless roof seal, which is both durable and completely waterproof, making it ideal roofing material. Whatever the size of your roof, rubber is pliable which results in a great fit. Could rubber roofing be what your roof needs?

Our experienced team are happy to help you make the right choice for your Derby home. We are proud of our customer service and work hard to make sure you get the right roof for your needs. EPDM is a leader when it comes to quality material.

Call us on 01332 912 605, we are happy to answer your questions.

Complete satisfaction 

Our reputation is built on strong foundations, which is why we really listen to you, because your satisfaction with our roofing services is what really counts to us. We recommend rubber flat roofing because of the following:

  • EPDM rubber offers a 40 year + lifespan
  • It's totally waterproof & highly resilient
  • Rubber roofing is flexible & durable
  • It is completely maintenance free
  • Great thermal insulating properties
  • Durability against the British climate
  • Rubber is a simple, safe installation
  • It offers an attractive appearance

Affordable prices across Derby

We keep our prices at a sensible level and work to your own budget. Talk to us about adding value to your home by installing an EPDM rubber roof, we think you will be delighted at our great services and fair prices. Get in touch with us now.